Vegetarian In Taiwan

Vegetarian is not a new word for me. But being a vegetarian in Taiwan??? This is not a question I had ever thought about before. Taiwan is well-known as a food heaven, but most Taiwanese diets and dishes contain meat or at least some animal by-products.

But apparently I was wrong. I've been here in Homey for almost 3 months, where I met a German named Jasper, who has been a vegetarian for almost 10 years. Jasper has already been living in Taiwan for over 1 and half years, and hearing that he was able to keep to a strict vegetarian diet while living here really surprised me. At the same time, I met a Taiwanese girl named Maggie working at Homey who has also been a vegetarian for a year. When asked, both said that being a vegetarian in Taiwan is not as hard as I thought it was. I asked them how this could be, and to my surprise they replied "Why not? This is Taiwan. It is food heaven, even for vegetarians". 

I realized, no matter what food you’re looking for, you can find anything in Taiwan, except maybe your own parent’s cooking. In my last live show with Homey, I invited Jasper to be a guest host to give us all advice on what vegetarian items you can find and where you can eat near Homey Hostel when you’re staying with us. 

Buying vegetarian meals, especially in Asia can be often be expensive, but I guess that that doesn’t have to be true in Taiwan as you can get meals for as low as 35NTD($1.19 USD). So cheap right? It’s even cheaper than the non-vegetarian options. 

If you are feeling too lazy to walk around or too far then you can also can find vegetarian meals by visiting our favorite Asian convenience store, 7-11, where they have meals with prices as low as 45NTD($1.43 USD)!

So as it turns out, finding a vegetarian meal is easy as any other. Even though I myself am not planning to change my diet to eat less meat, I will change my diet to eat more healthy since I now know where I can get healthy vegetarian food anywhere in Taiwan!!

So who says it's impossible to became vegetarian in Taiwan?? Guess what?? You wrong!!! 

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