2016 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

2016 Taiwan International Balloon Festival


Big, beautiful, colorful hot air balloons dreamily float through the air as tourists hasten to catch a glimpse of their splendor or ride them through the skies, taking in the beauty of the valley below.
This festival includes flying shows, mooring activities, balloon rides, a night glow music concert, balloon wedding celebrations, and a summer camp, providing visitors with something to take home as well as great memories. Experience the feeling of flight as well as a feast for the senses.

  • Location: Lungku Tea Garden, Luye Plateau No.7, Ln. 392, Longma Rd., Longtien Village, Luye Township, Taitung County.
  • Contact: 886-89-324902
  • Organized by: Taitung County Government
  • Period: 1st July to 7th Aug.

Ticket Information

You can buy a ticket directly in the place of balloon festival. Just go there early. Or you can make a reservation via buying a Taitung fun card from here.

PS.the ticket after 18th July will start to selling online at 8th July.


From Taipei City, Take train to Luye Station and transfer by shuttle bus.

By Train

Take a train to 'Luye Station'. Get out of the station and walk approximately 3 minutes along 中正路(Zhongzheng Rd.) When you get to Taiwan Tourist Shuttle(臺灣好行) bus stop, take East Rift Valley Line(縱谷鹿野線) and get off at the 'Luye GaoTai(鹿野高台)'. It will take about 80 minutes.

By Bus

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle directly goes to the festival venue(Luye Gao Tai Station(鹿野高台)).
Before you get on the bus, please prepare the coins in advance. Inform a driver of the destination and pay a fare.

Bus Route Map

For train schedule, please refer to http://railway1.hinet.net/net_eng.htm or (089)229-687(Taitung Railway Station). There will be a Service Center operated by the Balloon Festival in the Taitung Railway Station.
For Shuttle schedule, more information is available on http://balloontaiwan.taitung.gov.tw/Strain.asp, http://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/Taitung/.

1. Book train ticket early. It's quite easy sold out.
2. Go there in the week day to avoid balloon ticket sold out.

3. Stay in Homey Hostel can get some helpful advice.

Night Glow Concert

Six hot air balloon night glow concerts with different themes will be held, featuring performances that include hot air balloons flying in synch to the rhythms and beats of music. This visual and auditory feast is not to be missed!

  • 07/02(Sat.) PM19:30-21:00  Township - Longtien Landing Field
  • 07/09(Sat.) AM04:00-05:30  Chenggong Township - Sanxiantai
  • 07/16(Sat.) PM19:30-21:00  Taimali Township - Taimali Dawn(Aurora)
  • 07/23(Sat.) PM19:30-21:00  Chishang Township - Dapo Pond
  • 07/30(Sat.) AM04:00-05:30  Taimali Township - Taimali Dawn(Aurora)

 08/07(Sun.) PM19:30-21:00  Taitung City - Taitung Stadium (Closing Ceremony)
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