FREE!! Local Residents Take You Travel Ceramic Town "YINGEE".

"Yingee", a town full of culture. Also Homey invite a local residents to take you to experience in the secret site, that only local people know the special spots, experience the traditional "molding clay", than go tasting Taiwanese cuisine, it will absolutely give you an unforgettable experience.

April 16th 09:30am - April 16th 15:00
*Easy card can be used to buy ticket.

When you are in Taiwan,you can go to not only taipei’s downtown, but also another attractive spot in taipei. We believe you can enjoy the grateful time and mood there.HOMEY reccomends you to have a layover to Homeland of pottery and porcelain YIN GE.  

Traditional and old town,red bricks,red tiles... all scenery around you is really attractive.A fire in a kiln is burning redly next to the local people shaping with their potter’s wheel,it creates an atmosphere “town with pottery and porcelain  ”      

You can also enjoy shaping with a potter’s wheel,and bring it with you as a souvenir.(※ extra charge will be needed 100-300 is not avilable to take it home on the day because of drying process will be needed.please let homey staff know if you need. )

Traditional atmosphere ,old bricks and tiles make you feel nostalgic for the homeland of pottery and porcelain. Traditional legumes,loved among the local people, are also highly recommended.     

The museum of pottery and porcelain in YIN GE: learning the history of pottery and porcelain in YIN GE.setting off the jorney between past and present.    

Few tourists are familiar with the spot,walking around with local guide will bring you to little-known places where Taiwanese even don’t know well. We believe this tour will be a good memory in your TAIPEI visit, looking forward to seeing you !!  

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