Airport picking up service 機場接送

airport picking up service

桃園機場TPE --> 紅米青旅Homey Hostel   NT$1200 (< 4 pax / a car
紅米青旅Homey Hostel  --> 桃園機場TPE  NT$1000 (< 4 pax / a car

Arrive airport at midnight and worried about the transportation? 
Lose your way and can't find your hostel? 
From now on, no need to bring all of your heavy luggages to be rush to catch the last airport bus .
Make a prior reservation of airport pick up and we will arrange a personal driver for you heading directly toward Homey Hostel!
a reliable, professional service with reasonable price. 
Contract us if there is any circumstance on your way to Homey,we are willing to help you.

1.預約時間: 機場接送需於入住天24小時前事先預約。


3. 接機等待時間規定:接機案件最長等候時間為航班抵達時間之60分鐘。若超過60分鐘以上,仍無接到預訂本人聯繫司機,則視同持卡人已使用本服務,持卡人仍須支付費用。原航班若是因天候等因素"取消"的話,接機服務視同取消。原航班不論是延誤或提早抵達,紅米仍會安排車輛服務,依延誤或提早之抵達時間,再往後等待60分鐘。但若搭乘非原班機抵達台灣,則24小時內取消者視同已使用本服務。
1.Reservation Time :Before 24 hours of your arrival day.

2.Amendment/Cancellation Policies: 
Write an e-mail to Homey Hostel before 24 hours of your appointed time.
(24 hours will be counted according to the sending time on received e-mail). We do not accept amendments which made within 24 hours before your arrival time.You'll need to pay the fee if you cancel within 24 hours before your arrival time.If you want to change the date of arrival, please contact us with e-mail prior to 24 hours of your arrival day.  

3. Pick-up Service Waiting Time Policies
The maximum waiting time of our driver will be 60 minutes when your flight arrives at the airport.If you don't show up within 60 minutes and we haven't received your information previously, we will charge your credit card for the whole fee.If the flight is canceled due to weather condition,the pick-up service will be canceled at the same time.If the flight changes the arrival time, we will arrange the car regarding of the new arrival time and wait for 60 minutes.But if you are not taking the same flight which you originally informed us,we will regard it as you already used our pick-up service.

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