king of coke 喝可樂大賽

who is king of coke

the most popular event at homey hotel in year end 

will u come to challenge?

1.     Date: 28th,29th, and 30th December, 10pm
2.     Rules:
-        Signing up as a team of three persons (homey hostel guests only)
-        Each day have a competition
   In 3 minutes, the team drink most coke is the winner of that day
-        Please sign up at front desk
3.     no registration fee

4.     prize: the winner of each day can get a box of beer (24 cans)

1. 活動日期:12/2812/2912/30 每晚十點,連續三日舉辦
2. 比賽規則: 紅米住客任意組隊,三人一隊,限時三分鐘看哪一隊喝最多可樂
3. 比賽方式:計時三分鐘三人合力用長吸管喝可樂,看誰喝的多
4. 報名方式:活動前至櫃台填寫報名表
5. 免報名費
6. 獎品:每日獲勝隊伍,可獲得一箱啤酒

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